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Professional Achievements & Education

Florida International University - FIU
• Master's in Hotel and Service Industry Administration – FIU

• Bachelor of Business Administration – FIU

La Salle
• La Salle Image Consultancy Certificate

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation – DBPR
• Real Estate Sales Agent

• Over 1000 hours of community service on a local, national, and worldwide level


Maria Isabel is the owner-partner of SionCorp International LLC, with managerial responsibility of the company in the United States since 2010. Maria Isabel is in charge of managing public relations and accompanying each company project and leads the real estate operations.

María Isabel was educated in Miami, Florida, where she obtained her bachelor's degree in business administration, her master's degree in hotel and tourism administration while focusing on obtaining her real estate license.

She is fluent in both English and Spanish, which has allowed her to work efficiently and diligently with international clients, thus having a greater scope of her services.

Maria Isabel has been involved in brokering transactions for the sale, purchase and rental of residential and commercial properties. She is passionate about offering her clients the best advice with the greatest benefit through comprehensive financial analysis, while making them feel comfortable and confident in the decision they are making.

With strategic allies in Latin America such as Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and more, Maria Isabel has been able to reach a wide network of allies and investors who work directly with SionCorp.

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Professional Achievements & Education 

• Commercial real estate transaction volume of over $400 million Florida International

• Senior Financial Analyst of the Colliers International Division in Miami, Fl.


• Bachelor of Business Administration '15

• Master of Science in International Real Estate '16


Julian Zuniga is a co-owner of SionCorp International LLC and has been involved in the management of the company's US operations since 2013. Julian oversees finances, investor relations, budgeting, and project analysis for the company.

He received his bachelor's and master's degrees from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. He is fluent in both Spanish and English and has extensive experience working with foreign entrepreneurs in a variety of markets and industries.

Julian has worked in commercial real estate in South Florida since earning his MSIRE license and master's degree in 2015. As a Senior Financial Analyst and member of Colliers International's investment sales team, he has been involved in brokering over $400 million in commercial deals, including multi-family, commercial, and project development land assets

Julian has built an international network of specialists in a variety of industries that work directly with SionCorp thanks to strategic connections in Colombia, China, Brazil, Italy, and Canada. He has managed the company's foreign commerce and real estate assets, including purchases, construction, renovations, and sales.

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Professional Achievements & Education

• Civil Engineer, SCI. UN - 1989
• Master of Project Management, PITT. - 2010

Constuction in Colombia:
• 320 projects worth $40 million

As an International Consultant:
• 30 projects worth $80 million
• Founded over 75 corporations

• More than $400 million in residential and commercial real estate sales and financing transactions


Juan has 30 years of experience. He began his professional journey as an independent civil engineer in Colombia in 1989. He moved to the United States in 1999 and formed Projectz, Inc., which later became Business and Bankers and is now Sioncorp Internacional, LLC. In 2006, the company was listed as one of the fastest-growing Hispanic businesses in South Florida.

This holding firm has given birth to several businesses in the fields of construction, maintenance, investment portfolio, consultancy, equipment leasing, real estate, and education. He has served as an advisor to various businesses founded as a result of strategic connections and studies, analysis, and business strategies.

BPM, A-Plus, Colliers, Globaltgy & Sheffield Refinery in the United States, SU & Workteam in Colombia, ARTRON in Canada, Porto Logistics in Brazil, and E3 & Energy-Urbanus in Mexico are among its partners.

He holds a Civil Engineering degree from Colombia's Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, has studied at ILSC in Toronto and MDCC in Miami, and has a postgraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

He is a member of the Builders Association of South Florida, the Atlantic Society of Engineers in Colombia, MDN's board of directors, the Juan Guzman Foundation, and the founder of the non-profit organization IHELPU.