We are a full-service project management firm that serves a wide range of businesses. We offer a diverse range of goods and services to give comprehensive and expert guidance that enables our clients to meet their investment goals as well as personal and business projects.


Through our affiliated companies, we have professionals who specialize in real estate and investments. We provide management consulting and execution in construction, renovations and infrastructures.


For more than 30 years, our expertise and specialized customer service has made us an industry leader. We have operations in North, Central, and South America.


Administrative, financial, real estate management and construction consultancy are all areas in which we excel.

President | CEO

Juan C. Zuniga

Juan has 30 years of experience. He began his professional journey as an independent civil engineer in Colombia in 1989.

Financial Manager

Julian A. Zuniga

Julian Zuniga is a co-owner of SionCorp International LLC company's US operations since 2013. Julian oversees finances, investor relations, budgeting, and project analysis for the company.

Project Manager

María I. Zuniga

Maria is a co-owner of SionCorp, with responsibilities for administration, public relations, and customer service support in each corporate endeavor.